Feeling tired and thinking about vacation?  Here is some help for your daydreaming efforts, a beautiful photo depicting the colors of Babin Kuk in Croatia. The tranquil blue of Adriatic Sea reminds of an oil painting, while the wave patterns on the surface bring an illusion of the movement. Ah yes, this is the setting many people envision once someone tells them about Croatia.

Babin Kuk is a region in Dubrovnik County, known for its fancy beach called Copacabana. Only a short distance away from the renowned Dubrovnik City, it is a favorite place to many visitors thanks to its gorgeous landscapes and developed tourist infrastructure. In addition to sights, Babin Kuk also features luxurious hotels and pleasant accommodation facilities.  It is a good spot for visiting Croatia, as it is relatively safe from crowds and provides an intimate connection with surroundings.

This photo was sent to us by our reader Robin Moore Ruzic. Hopefully, it will inspire you for a visit to Croatia, so you can witness these colors of Babin Kuk on your own.  If you have your own photos of the country, and are willing to share them with our readers, please upload them to our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day.


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