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When Croatian family Ilic bought two old houses, they didn’t really know what to expect. The estates were constructed more than two centuries ago, and located in the village of Stara Duboka in the vicinity of a notable tourist locality Klek. But with the help of architect Damir Taslak, the residences were provided with a new shine, becoming luxurious villas that are available for renting.

„We were greatly impressed with the surrounding sceneries, and the view of the sea,“ members of Ilic family explained. „ These were the prime reasons why we decided to buy the estates. Plus, all our visitors can venture the private outdoors, which have about 630 square meters in size.“

Denis Jerkovic / Hanza Media

A lot of areas are stone-paved, including the pathways and fireplace, while the surrounding outdoors feature a number of local tree kinds- such as fig and olive. Wherever you go, you are meeting green and flowers of Klek. The visitors are also welcome to use the outdoor pool.

The interior is a mixture of old items and contemporary technologies. One can enjoy modern appliances next to retro-styled furniture, made by a skilled artisan from Slavonia. He mostly used oak tree as a material, making chairs and tables rustic yet durable.

Each house has a notable feature of its own. In addition to sleeping rooms and separated bathroom facility, the larger one also has a wine- tasting chamber. The smaller one, on the other hand, has a large traditional roasting oven, which was renovated to allow optimal performance.

Denis Jerkovic / Hanza Media

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Photo: Denis Jerkovic / Hanza Media