Brad Pitt is internationally recognized celebrity today. But back in 1988, he was just a handsome-looking bloke who liked to act, boasting with a few short appearances in Dallas and several sitcoms which didn’t manage to catch on. He earned his money as a costumed mascot of a giant chicken, which advertised Mexican Restaurant franchise. One day, however, Brad was offered a role in the movie The Dark Side of the Sun, which was being filmed in Croatia and Montenegro (at that time, both states were part of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia). Hired for 1500 $ a week, Pitt came to Dubrovnik in order to play the role of a guy with severe face allergies. Most of the time, he had to wear a leather mask. Oh, and he drove a large motorbike. One would think he was playing Batman.

Brad Pitt Begins: Visiting Dubrovnik in 1988

“The audition was organized in Los Angeles, and over 400 people competed for the role,” said Bozidar Nikolic, who directed the film. “Agents wanted somebody else, but Brad Pitt was my choice. So at the end, he got the part. He was so happy that he jumped around.”

Pitt was very impressed by beauty of Croatia. During the filming, he even had the privilege to swim with Adriatic dolphins. According to screenplay writer Andrew Horton, the footage of Brad swimming next to these beautiful animals is considered the film’s highlight. “At one point, one dolphin has accidently stroke Pitt with a fin. We were very afraid, but the actor was not even scratched. He happily said that we continue filming.”

At one point, however, Brad was in real danger. “In the middle of the night, the phone started ringing,” Nikolic explained to LC source. “It was Brad. He and another crewmember had a row with group of locals in the bar, and the whole thing escalated. They almost ended up in police station. I was furious at the moment, but that case made our friendship even stronger.”

Unfortunately, things didn’t go well for The Dark Side of the Sun. Mostly due to fall of Yugoslavia and emerging war situation, the film never reached the theaters. Almost a decade later, when Brad Pitt became what he is now, lost footages were retrieved and the film was released direct-to-video.

According to unconfirmed sources, Brad and Angelina are not strangers to Dubrovnik. Who knows, maybe he is showing her the bar in which he almost had a fight.


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