The Dubrovnik Times Sinke

In the far south of Croatian territories, one can find a small town of Cavtat. It is an ideal destination if you wish to spend your time in Dubrovnik, but don’t like the crowds and want a slightly more easy-going atmosphere. As you can see on the feature photo, taken as our team went airborne above Cavtat, it is still quite a developed area with lots of tourist infrastructure and households offering a cozy accommodation.

A pleasant atmosphere, untouched nature and rich local culture full of old traditions and customs are only some of the reasons why people choose Cavtat as their staying place on Adriatic shores. And have we mentioned that generations of residents were enjoying fine food, organic by default, which shaped a strong gastronomic identity?

If this sounds interesting to you, as it should, book up your stay this instant. And even if you don’t go airborne above Cavtat, upload a photo or two of your experience on our Facebook Wall. Like Croatia’s online community is always happy to see what other people are enjoying in the country.


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