The Dubrovnik Times Sinke

Countless gorgeous sights wait to be discovered in Dubrovnik, a city which became a symbol of Croatia itself. Bonding ancient ramparts and narrow stone-paved streets with fantastic beaches and prime dining spots is just the beginning. There are many more surprises in this ancient settlement, which many associate with Game of Thrones, as its fable-like sceneries provided backgrounds to the renowned series.

One such impressive Dubrovnik moment was photographed by our reader Kurt Brunner. The image was taken during a meal in Restaurant Dubravka 1836, and shows a wooden sailing ship on its departure from the city harbor. It is a romantic sight, but one can’t deny it also inspires viewer for adventure. Who knows what excitement waits in Seas of Dubrovnik?

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Oh yes- one more thing to note. Wooden, sail-propelled vessels are not uncommon in Croatia. Some of them are even used as means of tourist transport. Smaller traditional vessels can also be found in abundance, so pick up your favorite ship and explore Adriatic shores. Of course, more modern and luxurious options are also present.