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Have you ever considered working in Croatia? If the answer is “yes” we are happy to inform you that Sirana MIH cheese factory is searching for somebody to guard their sheep. It may sound as an easy job, but the potential shepherds have to show interest in learning new skills and have plenty of patience for fluffy animals.

Sirana MIH is one of the oldest companies in Croatia, tracking its founding to 1890. It belongs to a single local family called Pernjak, its members being experts in all things dealing with cheese production. One should also note that dairy coming from Pag Island is considered exceptional even according to high Croatian standards.

Zeljko Grgic / CROPIX

“Experience is not something that can come over night. Knowledge and tradition has to be put in balance,” said Dubravko Pernjak for Croatia Times source, adding that demand for Pag cheese is in constant increase. “We have one big issue, however, and that is finding people willing to work as herdsmen.”

Pag islanders didn’t show much interest to guard Dubravko’s sheep. Even when he offered terms that many would deem above average for Croatian job market, there were not many applications. “Nobody wants to do this, so we had to hire people from neighboring country of Bosnia Herzegovina.”

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The salary for this position is 6500 Croatian kunas (a little less than 900 €). The company takes care of accommodation, which is also a benefit. However, one must know that guarding sheep involves more than just sitting on a rock and waiting for sun to set behind the mountains.

“Of those rare people that showed up to take the job, some were quite unfamiliar with what being a herdsman looks like. It is relatively easy in summer, but once the animals reach lactation phase, this becomes job for all day,” Dubravko explained. “We have 450 sheep and they need daily care.”

The work might be difficult, but not without merits. And knowing that Pag Cheese is set to be certified on the level of European Union, the potential shepherd will really make a difference with his effort.

Feature Photo: Zeljko Grgic / CROPIX