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Croatia is a prime destination for fans of scuba diving, and today we are bringing you a truly unique site for such an experience. The underwater sources of Cetina River can be found in the vicinity of Omis, and may provide you with unforgettable adventure. It is the sole reason why some opt to have a vacation on Croatian shore.

Cetina is a river which flows through Croatia’s Split-Dalmatia county. It has the length of approximately 100 kilometers, part of which is accessible via ships. However, the diving spot we are presenting here is not located between the river banks, but at the shores of Adriatic Sea.


As Cetina flows through karst territories, part of its water ends up in cracks and underwater tunnels, which fundamentally propel it into the Croatian Sea. There are many places where this happens, but one of the most accessible is a shore near Dupci.  Full of Cetina’s underwater sources (the locals call them “vrulje”), it is a great spot to gear up your scuba equipment and explore the submerged realms.

The reason behind this is a strange ecosystem which reigns below the surface. As the freshwater of Cetina combines with saltwater of Adriatic, it attracts a lot of fish from both worlds, along with plants and other features of nature. Our photo-reporters made the dive with Vladimir Stipcevic of Open Water scuba center, in order to bring you a few images of this enchanted realm.


“The currents are very strong, and they make diving quite challenging,” Vladimir explained. “There is a cavern at approximately 33 meters of depth, in addition to sources themselves. Furthermore, visitors can explore a large submerged canyon. It is only partly explored, up to 120 meters. What lies beneath is unknown to us at the moment.”

The diver noted that locality is very difficult, and should not be approached without expert in company. “The sources catapult water in very strong manner. They can literally push the diver upside, and that is very dangerous.”

However, once you explore the purple bottom of Dupci and its friendly fish inhabitants, you are bound to fall in love with their charm. Vrulja still hides many secrets, but what we know about it was enough for Croatian state to put it under protected status. Come, and be introduced to fascinating underwater sources of Cetina.


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