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Four years in the making, the Christmas Village of Nart has premiered in its full shine. The tiny settlement can be found in the mountainous regions near Omis in Dalmatia, and thanks to the efforts of local Tihomir Lucic it is now one of the most picturesque places to visit in Croatia. Together with his family, Tihomir decorated his estate with more than one million colored light-bulbs. These are not just illuminating the outdoors, but forming various animal and wildlife shapes. It is truly a magnificent exhibition that awes both adults and children.

Christmas village of Nart became instant success, as numerous attendees have already explored the shiny estate. “What I see today fills my heart with joy,” said the proud owner during his opening night. “To see this amount of people visiting Nart is fascinating. Just looking at their faces makes me happy. Children are thrilling, grownups are greatly impressed.”

Lucic family has installed almost 24 kilometers of wired light bulbs and two and a half kilometers of electric cables. As already mentioned, the estate is decorated with about million light-bulbs. Thousands of visitors have already explored the gorgeous sceneries, which changed Nart in a unique way. Before becoming a Christmas Village, it only had eleven residents.

Lucic estate will keep welcoming the curious guests in the upcoming weeks. The working hours are between 4:00 pm and 10:00 pm and the entry fee is 30 HRK / 4 € per person. Children below seven years of age have free entry, as well as physically disabled persons, pregnant women and youth with special needs.

If visiting Omis during holiday season in Croatia, it would be a shame not to witness this original spot in Dalmatia. Get yourself into Christmas spirit by checking out our image gallery below and consider Croatia as your destination for Merry Season.

Photo: Ante Cizmic, Bozidar Vukicevic / CROPIX