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The Island of Pag needs no special introduction. The beautiful destination is among the most popular places for summer enjoyments in Croatia. But new things can always be added, and if you ask local entrepreneur Eduard Marzic, Pag is in need of a new luxury-oriented settlement that will neighbor the main island town.

The tale begun about seven years ago during Marzic’s travel to French town of Port Grimaud. Impressed by its architectural design and luxurious surroundings, the Croatian businessman spread his hands on one square and yelled “Dear God, give me strength to build this in Croatia.”

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Less than ten years after, the project is slowly coming into fruition. Marzic has developed schematics for the new settlement, in cooperation with French architects. Called Zlatna Obala (“The Golden Coast), it is imagined as the most elite sea-based town in the world. It would host up to 10 000 residents, mostly foreign citizens who chose Croatia as their place of retirement.

“The investment is very valuable, estimated between 500 and 700 million Euros. However, I have the investors standing in line with money in their hands. All we wait for is the green light of Croatian ministries,” Marzic said to Croatia Times source.

At present moment, the Golden Coast is planned to be erected in Dinijska Cove of Pag. It would consist of luxurious buildings, equipped with high-tech gadgets and classy furniture. The settlement would also have top-notch apartments available for rental. These would be staying places for visitors of residents, and generate additional income.


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Not all are thrilled with the idea, though. According to Marzic, local authorities and people of influence on Pag are afraid that such project would ruin the nature and change the atmosphere of the entire island. To counter this, Marzic even paid a trip to Port Grimaud to several of these skeptics, hoping that voyage to the city which inspired the project would change their minds.

The outcome is still undetermined, but Croatian businessman is passionate about his dream. “I’m not thinking about whether it will happen or not. The only question is will it be done in the next five or twenty five years.”

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