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Croatia features hundreds of animal-friendly beaches, and there’s no doubt that those are very fun places to be. Our photographer Tea Cimas visited Krk pet beach, making dozens of images which will surely be loved by animal-loving readers. Check them out in the gallery below.

As one can see, the shores of Island Krk are quite welcoming for wiggling tails and pointed ears. Some of these animals are of local origin, but many came along with their owners from distant countries. Together, they are enjoying the naval regions of Krk, exploring their lovely outdoors.

Vrbnik Krk

Krk has been considered the largest island of Croatian Sea, until recent measurements suggested that neighboring Cres is slightly larger. Despite that, Krk remains to be one of the most loved and visited destinations in Croatia.

Connected with mainland through lengthy bridge, Krk can be reached in three hours with a car from Croatia’s capital of Zagreb. As such, it is often visited by foreign visitors who only enjoy a short stay in country.

Tea Cimas / CROPIX Agency
Tea Cimas / CROPIX Agency

In addition to Krk pet Beach, the island is also known for wonderful grotto called Biserujka. Legends have roamed that a notable smuggler had a stash in it, and that somewhere in its depths, a secure treasure chest waits to be discovered. Who knows, maybe one should bring a dog inside, in order for the animal to dig the chest out.

Or maybe the island’s top treasures still lie in its lovely coastal areas and small fisherman settlements. Whatever the case, everyone is invited to have a lovely summertime on its shores, wiggling tales on Krk pet beach included.


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