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For numerous centuries, Croats have been building ships for their needs. The tradition continues even today, as proven by Croatian luxury yacht Rara Avis. The beautiful ship has been launched in February 2018, owned by Mario Ercegovic and under captainship of Caslav Reljic. This couple shares family and business ties, as well as huge interest towards naval life and sailing in general.

“Naval vessels are our passion and heritage,” Mario explains, adding that his family has been in ship business for the last 70 years. “We accept guests on Rara Avis and arrange coastal visits wherever they want. Of course, we always suggest staying in Croatian waters as there are many beautiful harbors, towns, islands and villages one can visit.”

The Croatian Luxury Yacht has no problems with space. Having 33 meters in length, Rara Avis can provide hospitality up to twelve people. Only its saloon has 50 square meters in size, and the lucky crew can also enjoy six sleeping rooms and two classy bathrooms. Four additional bathing areas exist, each with their own toilets and everything one could need. Of course, everything is as glamorous as possible. The interior of Rara Avis rivals five-star accommodations of top hotels. It is arranged by professional designer Marija Vojnovic of Omis, in cooperation with AMR Interijeri Company from Zadar.

Of course, the quality of service broads to dining options. All food is freshly prepared in ship kitchen and you can count on numerous Croatian specialties coming your way onboard the ship.

From technical point of view, the ship features two Cummins Engine Units, each having 350 horse power and coupled with two 34 kW electrical generators. The sails of the ship can also be used, and since they have 250 square meters in size, they are quite effective as well.

The beautiful ship waits for you in Krilo Jesenice Harbor, and you can arrange your voyage with her by sending an e-mail to

Take a photo–tour through vessel by clicking on our image gallery below.

Photo: Vojko Basic / CROPIX