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The year’s colder period in Croatia rarely goes without rain and wind. The sunny images of summer season are gladly recalled, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no beauty on the country’s coast at this moment. As a matter of fact, a lot of photographers joyfully clothe themselves thoroughly, only to venture into the chilly outdoors of Croatia and find inspiration for their works. In a way, we might even say there is a sub-culture of these passionate artists, always happy to see the dark clouds approaching, knowing they will open an entire new layer of beauty.

Rain in Vodice

The Town of Vodice is a well-known locality in Dalmatia region. Among the most popular tourist destinations on the entire northern Mediterranean, it is always associated with sunbathing, swimming and enjoying the coastline. However, in November it becomes a slightly different kind of settlement. Thanks to strong winds, it is prone to large sea waves that strongly disembark their water quantities on town shores. To some it is a nuisance, but for others a perfect sight to photograph in Vodice.

Rain in Vodice

Funnily enough, the literal translation of word Vodice would be “Small Waters”. They don’t seem to follow this description, though.

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In case you are wondering… Yes, we accept sunny footage as well.

Photo: Cropix