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The Island of Brac has many beautiful localities, and they are all within your reach if you opt to stay in Sutivan Settlement. The small town is full of Mediterranean vibe, being situated on the coast opposing the Dalmatian mainland, and having many points of interest for your pleasure.

Old churches and beautiful beach localities are just some of the reasons why people choose to spend their summer vacation in Sutivan settlement, and some might even want to enjoy its hospitality outside of the main season. After all, we all dream about being a resident of a small, easy-going spot that is surrounded with pristine natural landscapes.

The mornings in Sutivan are especially nice. The common peace and quiet is rarely challenged, usually by local fisherman and occasional cry of a vivid seagull. For those in love with making photographs, it is a perfect time to practice their art, especially if they are equipped with a drone unit . Our photo-reporter Zvonimir Barisin was one of those lucky people to greet the sun in Sutivan settlement, bringing you the gallery you can browse below.

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Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / Hanza Media