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This gorgeous Vrgorac Stone House can be found in the Village of Gornji Orah, just next to Croatian border pass of Orahovlje. It is probably one of the most beautiful estates of the kind in Split-Dalmatian County, and a very big pride of Vrgorac community.

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According to some historical sources, the Vrgorac Stone House can trace its roots up to two centuries into the past. Its current owner, Ivo Saric, invested a lot of time and effort in order to bring it to its contemporary looks. The house respects its traditional features, but at the same time, offers a lot of modern designs and architectural solutions.

The interior design is made of stone and wood, with white color being the dominant one. The furniture was made specifically for the house, although some items are from the owner’s private collection.

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The lengthy renovation project took two years to complete, and the most demanding task was manual processing of old stones. In order to keep with traditional architecture, the owner had to treat every rock with his own hands, making each of them perfectly fitting to the rest of the scenery.

In addition to the building itself, Vrgorac Stone House also has its own, private pool.

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Interestingly enough, a part of this house is situated in the rocky surfaces of the local mountain. Thus the very soil of Dalmatia participates in this home’s charm and uniqueness.

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