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Every day, dozens of new bars are opened in Croatia, some of which have rather unique visual features. One of such places in Volat Bar, a fine nightclub which can be found in the settlement called Gruda, located in the very heart of Konavle Region.

The bar is named after a word describing a large stone arch, which dominates the interior’s ground floor. It adds the historical value to the space, but the rest of Volat is designed with modern approach, as envisioned by architects Jelena Miljanovic and Marijela Svilaric.


Gruda is in close proximity of Dubrovnik, so owners count on visits of foreign guests, especially those who want to take a rest from somewhat stressful crowds. Yet, their prime interest lies in locals, as Volat Bar is imagined as a great place to visit, even during colder time of the year.

The drink list is quite diverse, and above the average of what you can find in similar places. The owners note the large selection of wines, with those regional being the highlight. “We have genuine Dubrovnik champagne which received international recognition,” the bar spokeperson explains. “A bottle costs 3500 HRK / 500 €, but naturally, we also offer more affordable wines, which are still having a very high quality.”

Volat Bar is expected to become a favorite locality for wine tasting, degustation, live music and celebrations. The owners also plan to establish good relations with local family ranches, which might supply them with prime delicacies such as home-made prosciutto or cheeses of various kinds.


Of course, the bar won’t be just a spot for late-night enjoyments. You can easily just order a cup of coffee during the day, and observe the lovely view of Snjeznica Mountain and surrounding peaks. Find Volat on address Gruda 103. The working hours are 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.  More or less, this means you can come whenever you feel like having a drink in the pleasant atmosphere.


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