The Adriatic Times Sinke

Croatia is not just a country for summer vacation. There is plenty to witness and experience in other seasons, Christmas time being the key example. Not only is the Capital of Croatia officially among the best places for Merry Season in the world, smaller settlements also have their ways of being attractive for the holiday. The Village of Dolac Gornji becomes a fascinating realm of light and color, as the locals illuminate a large estate with numerous light bulbs.

The decorations form various shapes, including those of animals and fantasy beings. Once the switch is turned on, the village becomes like a portal to another world where amazement awaits on every step.

Gornji Dolac will open its Christmas doors on 30th November, and visitors can expect over 2 000 000 light bulbs and more than hundred exhibits. If seeking a destination in Croatia for a merry adventure, this little village between Split, Omis and Makarska may be the perfect choice.

Check out what preparations for this year’s Christmas Village look like in our image gallery below.

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Photo: Ante Cizmic / CROPIX