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The town of Rijeka has many things to offer to an average visitor, but the ability to visit the sunken ship in the settlement’s literal center is among the most unique ones. All you have to do is to equip yourself with scuba diving gear, and lower into the depths of Adriatic.

The story begins in 1977. It was a very stormy beginning of the year, as jugo wind was threatening naval vessels all along the shoreline. One ship, called Sigrid, could not stand the pressure. The damage caused by the wind has caused it to sink in the vicinity of Rijeka’s main port.

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Sigrid’s main function was to transport technical equipment for local factories, so divers were dispatched to retrieve the valuable cargo. After that, they sliced certain pieces of the ship’s hull and left the rest on the sea’s bottom. They also chopped down the ship’s sail.

As the wreckage wasn’t a threat to natural environment, it stayed below the surface, becoming an interesting diving location. Although the ship itself is not that old, it surely looks ancient, embraced by corals and fish schools.

Visit the Sunken Ship in Rijeka

Visit the Sunken Ship of Sigrid during your next stay in Rijeka, a city known for its rich rock’n’roll scene and lovely outdoor light shows. As always, feel free to upload your photos and videoclips to our Facebook Wall. This gives you a chance to become our media contributor of the day.

Check out what Sigrid looks like today in our gallery below.


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