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In the northern parts of Dalmatia, one can find Croatia’s largest lake, called Vransko. It is a beautiful locality, often overlooked due to being so close to more popular Adriatic shore. However, that might change.  A family from Rijeka has inherited an old residence in the vicinity, which went through thorough renovation. Now, it became a gorgeous stone house next to Vransko Lake and is open for tourist rental.

In order to satisfy the necessary requirements for this new business, the family has hired a professional project manager, Mirela Blazanovic. She was leading the residence uplift, which wasn’t always easy as the owners weren’t present for direct, on-site feedback.

“The first time I reached this place, I was awed by its beauty. At the same time, I knew challenges will come in the project, and was excited to start working,” Blazanovic told to Croatia Times source. “I liked owners very much, and our fine co-operation has greatly influenced the quality of final result.”

The stone house next to Vransko Lake has three large chambers, which cover the surface of 68 square meters. The living room is quite spacious, as are dormitories with separate bathrooms. Guests can also enjoy a lengthy terrace that provides view of the outdoor pool and attractive natural surroundings.

“We did some major changes during renovation, as house had literally bare walls and was mostly unarranged in its former state. However, we were very determined to keep it as authentic as possible. At the end, the residence has kept the distinctive architectural style of Dalmatia and Ravni Kotari regions, at the same time having a modern interior that will satisfy every visitor.”

Surrounded by nature and spared from crowds, this fancy stone house next to Vransko Lake might be accommodation you seek for your vacation. Visit Novasol for more information and booking options.

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Photo: Novasol