The Village of Radosic has once again hosted the beloved Bikijada event, gathering several thousand attendees and promoting the best of Croatian rural culture. This year, the traditional manifestation came in its 24th edition, putting smiles on faces to all participating groups.

Bikijada can literally be translated as ‘Bull Olympics’, as one of the event’s most popular feature is a spectacular clash of local oxen. These powerful and muscle-rich animals enter the arena quite willingly, happy to test the might of their horns against each other. Over twenty bulls took part in the show, while the human audiences cheered for their favorites and enjoyed the outdoors of Kastelansko Polje region.

But bulls were not the only to show muscles during Bikijada. A range of competitions was reserved for people as well. Thus local residents enlisted to show their prowess in disciplines such as rock-throwing or standstill jumping. Women were also welcome to participate in a separate arm wrestling tournament.

Of course, as in every Croatian gathering, the crowds were enjoying tasty lamb, pork and cevapi dishes coupled with fine wine and beer. Although this year’s Bikijada is over, there’s no reason why not to prep yourself for the next edition. Check out the photo gallery below for some vibe of the event.