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Croatian Islands are quite popular tourist destinations in Central Europe, and Krk is no different. The large island has its very own airport, and good connections with the mainland through a large bridge. In addition, it has some rather original accommodation options, including large, tradition-oriented residences. Villa Jure can be found in Kremenici settlement near Malinska, and suits such description with an ease.


The estate is connected with a love story from late 19th century, when experienced sailor Jure settled in his fiancée’s humble home and begun its restoration. As time passed, he managed to form it as a large and cozy estate. Even today, the old photo of Jure and his wife Mara can be found in the villa’s central room.

The current owners decided to cherish this tale, along with the cultural identity of Krk Island. Thus, Villa Jure is literally frozen in time, allowing the guests to witness the old ways of local living. One can cook on an open flame, or make home-made bread in a large oven. Food is served on old plates and in old bowls, while decorated pots are used to storage wine or nectars.


Villa Jure is almost completely made from stone and wood. All the furniture has been made by local carpenters, and lovely natural surroundings add to the pleasant atmosphere. Visitors are free to explore the large outdoors surrounding the house, counting about 2000 square meters in size.

Not all content present in the villa is of old nature. Guests can entertain themselves in konoba with pool table, air hockey and table tennis. For leisure, they can enjoy a large whirlpool unit and an impressive pool. The youngest can be thrilled with children’s swings.


With all being said, Villa Jure is surely a great accommodation spot for your Croatian adventures. Feel free to explore more by visiting its official website, or just check out our photo gallery below.


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