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Named after a Greek goddess and located on the gorgeous Hvar Island in Eastern Adriatic, this fascinating estate is welcoming visitors across the globe. Villa Hera can be found in a remote, peaceful settlement of Zarace, surrounded by tree branches which secure privacy and intimacy.

Far from crowds and everyday stress, guests of this residence can enjoy genuine Mediterranean tranquility and natural splendor. Technically speaking, the estate is not a single building, but several stone houses , gathered under the same property. Sleeping rooms and bathroom facilities are located in the smaller ones.

Hera Villa Hvar by Vedran Rafael Janic (4)

Villa Hera was constructed with tradition in mind. Masons were using authentic local materials during the build, making the house from raw stone and wood. It took seven years for works to be finished, yet the final result didn’t disappoint. The ambient is inspirational and really adds to the visitor’s satisfaction.

Of course, the house did not stay stuck in past times. It is equipped with contemporary technologies which make the life easier, especially when we talk about kitchen appliances. Outdoors feature a romantic garden which provides shade during hot Croatian summers, as well as a large stone pool for refreshing swimming enjoyments.

Hera Villa Hvar by Vedran Rafael Janic (7)

Villa Hera is available for a rent through Villas Hvar, and its charming features can additionally be explored through our photo gallery below. All photos are courtesy of Vedran Rafael Janic. Nothing remains but to plan your vacation ahead, and prepare for a unique holiday near the shores of Hvar Island.


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