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Being next to banks of River Lika, the Town of Gospic is the heart of the Lika-Senj County in Croatia. As such, it is surrounded with picturesque slopes and mountains, but at the same time close enough to seaside to offer maritime enjoyments to its visitors (after a pleasant car-drive). The latest promotional video for Gospic has been released during this month, and is already producing quite a buzz. Check it out here:

The video material has been made by Boris Seper of Film 54 and features the performance of renowned Croatian cellist Ana Rucner. The artist is among the most recognized ambassadors of Croatian music, and often partakes in the country’s tourism campaigns.  At the time of writing, the clip has been seen almost 80 000 times.

As one can see in the video for Gospic, the town has jurisdiction over Smiljan settlement, which is the birthplace of Nikola Tesla himself. The locality has a memorial center, dedicated to inventions of this notable champion of science.

If searching for a destination in Croatia that can offer a prime vacation in the highlands, Gospic eagerly expects your visit. Don’t forget to post some of the photos made on your excursion to our Facebook Wall.

Feature Photo: Film 54

Video: Film 54, Gospic Tourist Board