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Tourists enjoying the friendly vibe of Paklinski otoci are surely taking the most of the summer this year. The slightly secluded archipelago is spared from the crowds, yet developed enough to provide a great vacation for all generations. Welcoming locals are experienced in hospitality services, and all faces are wearing a smile.


Just a few minutes of naval travelling from Hvar, this set of inlets numbers settlements Vlaka, Momica Polje and Palmizana. The latter also features a marina, so naval-based travelers will find a home to themselves too. One should be aware, however, that channels between islands are subjects of strong winds, so caution is advised. Interestingly enough, the aforementioned settlements do not have permanent population, as the locals retreat from their housing outside of the summer season.

Although relatively small and scattered, the islands were tactically important in the past, and have witnessed numerous naval war heroes. The small inlet of Galisnik even has remains of an old artillery battery, which has more than a century and half in age.


Today, the positive vibe of Paklinski otoci can be thanked to numerous diving spots, nudist beaches, charming coastal bars and top bathing spot qualities. Check out what it all looks like in our photo gallery below.

Photo: Tom Dubravec / CROPIX


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