In the world of fashion, Ralph Lauren is a synonym for elegance and glamour. The brand’s clothes have been widely regarded as exquisite ever since the company was founded in the late sixties. Naturally, the firm is in constant search for attractive women, who would present Lauren works to the wide range of audiences, mostly through catwalks and photo sessions.

The upcoming star of Ralph Lauren universe comes from Croatian City of Trogir. Her name is Faretta Radic, and she is 19 years old. Although having a young age, this dedicated Dalmatian lass is quite experienced in fashion gigs. So far, she modeled for a number of renowned brands including Givenchy and Saint Laurent.

Faretta participated in the photo-session for the upcoming Ralph Laruen collection, scheduled for the Pre-Fall season of 2017. The shot was made in The Polo Bar of New York, one of Big Apple’s most notable club localities.

The bond between American clothing wit and genuine female beauty of Croatia has been established. We are more than certain that Faretta’s catwalk tale has just begun, and that more great gigs are on the way. Who knows, maybe the next time you venture through UNESCO-protected historical core of Trogir, you will find this charming young lady enjoying her time under Dalmatian Sun.

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