The Adriatic Times Sinke

The Island of Vis is no secret to fans of Croatia. With dozens of intimate coves and romantic valleys, it is among the most popular tourist destinations on Adriatic Sea. Guests are quite frequent, and Insulae Apartments are more than ready to provide them with hospitality and charming décor. This service is available in Komiza, a gorgeous settlement that became quite known for its picturesque looks and pleasant atmosphere.

Located in the small town’s historical core, yet close to beaches and local bars, Insulae Apartments are actually settled in an old stone house. It has three upper floors, each having a single apartment, thus guests are always secluded from each other. “The idea was to provide attractive and comfortable self-catering apartments, designed for couples   that are visiting Komiza,” the owner explained to Croatia Times source.

“The apartments aren’t large in size, so we wanted them to have an open, unique space that is unbounded by separating walls. This makes them feel vast and bright, providing our visitors with sense of satisfaction.”

“We offer our guests the service we ourselves would appreciate,” the owner noted, showing three modern-looking apartments. Called Bisevo, Svetac and Palagruza, the spaces are named after secluded islands in the aquatic vicinity of Vis, quite known to local sailors and fisherman. Despite being a part of a very traditional house, Insulae Apartments are very modern and stylish, equipped with contemporary technologies.

“When we acquired this house, it was abandoned for more than two decades. The outer walls were literally the only thing that we could use. But we invested a lot in renovation, and with help of local carpenter, we managed to make our apartments a perfect haven in Komiza,” the owner concluded.

Check out what the apartments look like in our photo gallery below, and consider having a trip to Island Vis. After all, it is where the sequel to Mamma Mia has been filmed. Schedule your arrival here.

Photo:  Jaap Lotstra