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Dalmatia is a region of Croatia which includes pretty much 2/3 of the country’s renowned coastaline. Equally stunning for its nature as well as historical background, the destination is among the best tourist localities in Europe for summer vacation. We bring you a lenghty list of top things to do in Dalmatia, but even in its longish form, it is just a small previews of things which await to be discovered by curious visitors.

Prvic Sepurina, Dalmatia (23)

Explore the Islands

Discover the Heart of Dalmatia

Listen to Klapa singing

Stroll Through Dubrovnik Ramparts

Embark on a wine-tasting journey

Be introduced to Dalmatian dogs

Are Croats eating Dalmatians?

Learn about Game of Thrones filming locations

Dive Below the Surface

Seek the Haven of Uskoks

Embrace the Vibes of Trogir

Attend numerous festivals and events

Moreska dance

Witness the Warrior Dance of Moreska

Set Sail across the Waves

Swim on Fantastic Beaches

Enjoy Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Eat a Dish Prepared Under Peka Iron Bell

Witness a Musical Instrument Played by The Adriatic Sea

Primosten, beach, Adriatic, Dalmatia, summer

Discover Ghost Ships of Past Times

Greet the Sun in Zadar

Have a sip of Marschino

Tour the Ancient Vineyards

Sunset, Adriatic, Romantic, Croatia, Sea

This was our list of top things to do in Dalmatia. There are many more things you can enjoy and experience in this Croatian region, which became well-known on the global level for its beauty. Entrust it with your visit, and have a vacation you always dreamt of. The Mediterranean shores of Dalmatia wait for your arrival.


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