The Adriatic Times Sinke

Sinjska Alka is an annual equestrian competition occurring every August in Croatian town of Sinj. The event celebrates local victory against Ottomans in early 18th century which greatly influenced political situation in Europe at that time.  The competition includes mounted lancers trying to hit the small iron circle (“alka”) in horse’s full speed. In addition to the real tournament, a version for children has also been implemented in last few years. The young alkars are not riding horses, but are still charging towards alka.

Vladimir Dugandzic / Cropix

Children are wearing alkar garments during the run. From earliest age, they are taught to value local culture and virtues of chivalry. They are, of course, expected to become full alkars with age. Thus, the new generation of alkars is being formed literally from childhood days. Consider visiting Sinj in upcoming August months, as Sinjska Alka is truly a unique gathering and an event you don’t want to miss.

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Feature Photo: Mario Todoric / Cropix