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The Dalmatian Town of Zadar has many unique features, but its museums are standing out as prime localities for foreign guests. Spend the day walking their halls, and not only will you be entertained, but informed about numerous interesting things. Some of them, as you will read, have no direct connection with the ancient city, but explain the world we live in and laws that bind our perception of reality. Here are three museums of Zadar that will tickle your mind and broaden your wit.

Photo: Museum of Illusion

The Museum of Illusion

A perfect place for family visit with children, this museum is a spot where nothing is as it seems. Enter the realm that will challenge your senses and warp your understanding of the surroundings.  The mirrors here provide a strange image of you, while the vortex-like tunnels will put your courage to walk on test. But beyond every illusion, there is a scientific explanation. Don’t read any more- arrange your arrival to this fascinating place.

Photo: The Museum of Ancient Glass

The Museum of Ancient Glass

One of the pivotal moments in human science was discovery of glass. The material allowed us to craft many useful items, even in times of Antiquity. Yet, handling the glass is a very specific craft, and it found its place in Zadar. Visit the museum of ancient glass and observe over 2000 exhibits that underline the value of this precious material. Moreover, take part in workshops led by expert artists, and make your own vase, plate or jewelry pieces. Start your career as glass maker now!

Photo: Zadar Archeological Museum

The Archeological Museum of Zadar

The region of Dalmatia has always been vital to Europe, and numerous cultures left their marks on its soil. Explore the tale of Zadar’s rich history next to ancient Roman forum, venturing around the exhibits that date up to 7th century.  From gorgeous statues of leaders that shaped Europe as we know today to remains of impressive buildings that inspired architects for ages, the Archeological Museum of Zadar is a place where everyone can learn something. Embrace the past times and feel inspired to learn more.

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