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Having a luxurious staying place in a foreign country is a dream of many globe trotters. However, in recent years, classy is not the only feature the visitors care about. Sometimes, unique features or original services might steal the show, and add new experiences to one’s vacation. Here are three special hotels in Croatia that might fit the description.

The Scuba-Diving Hotel

Called Premantura Resort and located in the settlement of Premantura, this locality is imagined to provide home to adventurous explorers of submerged worlds. Lovers of scuba-diving can store their gear and fill oxygen tanks on hotel premises, as well as visit a sunken wreckage of Admiral Ship Vis in underwater vicinity. Those who are just starting their career below surface can practice the craft in resort’s pool. The site is located just next to Runka Camp.

Bozidar Vukicevic / CROPIX

The All-British Hotel

The prestigious British agency Neilson has rented the capacities of a Bluesun hotel in Starigrad Paklenica, transforming it into a prime vacation spot for UK citizens. Accepting only Brits, the newly founded resort is called Alan Beachclub, and is targeting visitors who want to be active on their summer holiday. With plenty of sport terrains and outdoor activities available, it might be the best choice for Queen’s beloved in Croatia.


The Kid’s Hotel in Rovinj

Is there a better vacation spot for family stay than a hotel that is all about children? Several such localities exist in Croatia, the one in Rovinj being a key example. Called Amarin and situated next to sea in town’s northwest neighborhood, this spot is full of sport and entertainment zones. It is literally one large playground where fun for younger generations never ceases. However, the accommodation space itself consists of two rooms separated by doors, so parents can have their peace while having easy contact with children.

Similar spots in Croatia include Club Funimation Borik in city of Zadar and Andrija Hotel of Solaris Beach Resort in Sibenik.

These were just some of special hotels in Croatia that you can choose for your stay. Which would suit your wishes best? Share your thoughts in our comments section below.

Feature Photo: Hotel Andrija / Solaris Beach Resort