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Separated from the crowded hotspots of Croatian tourism, smaller islands are embracing those who wish peace and quiet on their vacation. We bring you three reasons to visit Lastovo island, located in the nautical vicinity of Korcula, yet far enough to provide a calm holiday in a vibrant Mediterranean setting .

Starry Nights

If you can’t imagine your holiday without romantic sceneries, the night skies above Lastovo will certainly leave a lasting impression on you. Because the island is so far away from dense urban centers, the light emitted in the air is very scarce, causing the nights to be darker, and stars brighter. This leads to the phenomena that, once the sun sets on Lastovo Island, the celestial heights become a stunning natural gallery of light and depth, reflected on the gentle surface of Adriatic Sea.

Fumar Chimneys

Nobody really knows why Lastovo residents begun to construct odd-looking chimneys on their houses. Maybe it begun as one household’s joke, then it suddenly became a fashion. No matter the reasons, visitors will be amazed by somewhat surreal solutions the chimney-builders of Lastovo opted to install on local roofs. Popularly called fumars, these odd constructs are one of the island’s unofficial symbols.

Friendly Nature

Don’t be afraid of venturing deep into Lastovo woods, or stretching yourself on the warm grass of its plains. Thanks to its secluded position, this island has no dangerous animals on its soil. Nothing will bite you, scratch you, or make you feel uncomfortable, as you explore its gorgeous outdoors and friendly fauna.

These were three reasons to visit Lastovo Island. If you have already been to this lovely Croatian destination, feel free to upload your own photos or videos to our Facebook Wall. After all, this will grant you the possibility of becoming our media contributor of the day.

Visit Lastovo Tourist Board here for more information about this great island!


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