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A lot of people are unaware of Delnice, a small settlement located in the mountainous region of Gorski Kotar. As white layer is getting thicker across the country, this little haven becomes increasingly more interesting both to local and foreign visitors. But in addition to lovely winter sceneries and opportunities for hours of outdoor fun, the settlement has some rather unique features. Here are three reasons to visit Delnice.

The Keep of Zrinski Nobles

The nobles of Zrinski family have been very influential in Croatia, always balancing their power in various court intrigues, political schemes of Austro-Hungarian Empire and total war with invading Ottoman forces. In 17th century, Petar Zrinski updated the keep of Frankopan family in Brod at Kupa, making a fort which became the region’s heart. Today, this kastel is officially a monument of first category. It hosts the permanent exhibition of huntsman accessories, and visitors are also welcome to see a (secret?) passage to a local cavern. Who knows for what purposes was it built?

Popovic’s Mill

In past, mills were very important structures. Not only were they supposed to produce flour, but their power was used in mass-production of tools and crafted construction material. The mill of Popovic, located in Delnice, is the first building in the village which received electricity. Having almost one century in age, this structure retained its original shape and interior, meaning it is a perfect destination for those who like old buildings and are interested in past technologies.

The House of Racki

The village of Delnice was founded three centuries ago, and Racki Residence was one of the first houses on its soil. The time which passed didn’t change the old structure, and thanks to the hard-working people of Delnice Tourist Board, it was turned into an impressive tourist attraction. Learn about old ways of living in Delnice, explore the resident’s traditional clothing and be introduced to their daily routines, as they were hundreds of years ago.

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Photo: Mate Miso Treser


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