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Searching for a peaceful and reliable destination for your next summer holiday? Vacation on Zlarin Island in Croatia sounds exactly like such experience.  The lovely Adriatic locality can be found in Dalmatia region, in close proximity to Town of Sibenik on Croatian mainland. It has about 250 permanent inhabitants, although in summer months up to 3000 people choose Zlarin as their vacation spot.  Stll, the island is largely vast and secluded, providing the visitors with a perfect staying place during the hotter time of the year.

Here are three reasons to spend some quality-time on Zlarin.

Zlarin regata

No Cars Allowed

Several islands in Croatia forbade the use of motor vehicles on their premises, Zlarin being a key example. Most localities can be easily reached on foot or riding a bike, so there is no need for starting one’s engines. As such, the island has a rather peaceful vibe. Your children can play in the outdoors without worries they will be threatened by traffic.

Adriatic Waves Whispering Their Tales

Museum of Poetess

Zlarin was a birthplace of notable Croatian poetess Vesna Parun, who often used the island as a motif in her works. The local cultural association made a museum dedicated to the artist’s life, which also has exhibits displaying what life looked like in the past. If you have your own artistic aspirations, the gorgeous natural sceneries surrounding the island will surely influence inspiration in best ways.

Trpanj, rowing, boat, sea, fisherman

Corals and History

Life on the shore was never easy, and local residents are very proud of their historical inheritance. There are numerous events celebrating these past ages, one of the most unique being associated with gorgeous Adriatic corals. A traditional send-off of coral seekers is staged for audiences, which also includes presentations of how these sea formations can be used in arts and crafts. Another notable event is Brudetijada, a celebration of meal called fish brodetto. Naturally, the ingredients are always freshly caught from the sea surroundings of the island.

These were three reasons to have a vacation on Zlarin Island.  Visit this destination in Croatia, and discover its charm and genuine beauty.


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