The Adriatic Times Sinke

Being in Croatia opens a lot of possibilities. The country has a large number of gorgeous natural sites, each of them providing you with chances for unique outdoor experiences. But sometimes, it is difficult to pick the right activity for you and your family. Here are three nature tours you should really consider attending while being in Croatia.

 Venture the Sceneries of Vrana Lake

The largest natural lake in the country, Vrana is a karst territory in Zadar and Sibenik-Knin County. It was proclaimed a Nature Park in 1999 due to its attractiveness and uncommon topology. Serving as a habitat for more than 235 bird species, it is also a dream come true to every nature photographer. The locality had tactical importance in the past, as proven by several forts that exist on its soil- such as Osridak and Babin Skoj. Touring this locality can be acquired for as low as 10 HRK / 1.50 €, while children under seven years of age visit freely. Reserve your trip to Vrana Lake and prepare to have a great time.

Explore the Paths of Velebit Mountain

If spending time in the green, untouched forests sounds like a plan to you, seek no further than Velebit Nature Park. Providing you with peace and tranquility, these woody parts of Croatia can really boost your mental batteries and refresh your inner strength. Velebit is a well-known mountain of Lika Region, yet close enough to the coast that you can observe the Adriatic Sea from the elevated places. Have a great time in pristine nature, or learn about it by strolling through educational routes. Choose your experience and embrace the whispers of Velebit Mountain.

Discover the Underworld of Grabovaca Cave Park

The settlement of Perusic has a rather unique feature in its close vicinities. It is a system of eight caves and a pit, all featuring fascinating calcite formations. The nature formed these underground spaces thousands of years ago, providing natural experts with a terrain to observe and learn. Being the only ‘cave park’ in Croatia, Grabovaca is very much loved and appreciated by foreign visitors, who are awed by the beauty of caverns and their mythical landscape. Step below the surface and have a great adventure on your vacation.

These were just three tours in Croatia that you can attend. Find more of these great experiences on Croatia Tickets website.