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Croatia has plenty of magnificent spots one can visit. From national parks to sites of historical importance, the country provides both beauty and unique features to its foreign guests. Every year, many of these specific destinations receive investments for additional content or more practical infrastructure. Here are three Croatian landmarks to visit in 2018, as their upgrades have been approved.

The Landscapes of Dinara

The Mountain of Dinara has the highest peak in Croatia, and can be counted among the most attractive continental sites of the country. It is very accessible for visit, even for those who are not keen in mountaineering. Thanks to recent financial investments, one can expect new promenades, tracks, resting spots and viewpoints between Jezevici and Velika Duvjakusa. The specially designed educational trail will introduce visitors with flora and fauna existent on the mountain, as well as methods of prevention forest fires.

The  Underwater Depths around Pakleni Islands

The awe-inspiring archipelago of Pakleni Islands has been drawing visitors for numerous decades. In upcoming months, a special task force will be instituted to evaluate its social and economic potential. This will fundamentally lead to better control over the environment and protection of its underwater realms. Expect Pakleni Islands to become even more accessible in the future, thanks to IMPRECO initiative that largely contributed to this outcome.

The Beauty of Modra Spilja

Considered to be one of Croatia’s unofficial symbols, the Blue Grotto that is situated on Bisevo Island is a place of genuine natural beauty. A cavern which bonds sun light and sea surface in unique spectacle has been under a lot of stress in recent years, due to increased tourist visits. Thanks to EU funds and several local associations, the mystical cave will have better organization of visits. The island itself will receive new walking paths and resting points, as well as coastal binoculars to track hawk birds and dolphins. A restaurant and souvenir shop is also planned.

These were merely three Croatian landmarks to visit in 2018. Learn more about places to visit in our Destinations Section.

Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / Hanza Media