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Journalist Anita Saric works for Croatian food magazine Dobra Hrana. During hot summer months, she went on a sailing trip along Adriatic coast. In addition of having a beautiful voyage, she also discovered some prime spots for dining experiences. Read about her impressions of food offer on Islands of Lastovo, Brac and Vis below.

My first sailing trip took place two years ago. I don’t have to tell you how delighted I was while exploring the seas surrounding Croatian Islands. Every day led to a new discovery, new example of beauty that is unavailable to those that stick to continental shore. This year, my old crew gathered once more, renting a 15-meter vessel and services of dedicated skipper.

Plans were laid months ahead. We decided to concentrate our route on Croatia’s southern regions. We begun our journey in Ploce and set course to Peljesac Peninsula. From there, our adventure continued towards Island of Lastovo and everyone’s favorite Vis, Brac and Hvar. We had many magnificent experiences, but this isn’t imagined as an article about my vacation. Instead, I’ll write about three island destinations where you can have a truly fantastic meal and are well worthy of your visit.


A small Dalmatian island that will awe you with its picturesque sceneries and relaxing atmosphere, Lastovo is also a great food locality. There are several restaurants available. Immediately next to marina in which we harbored our vessel, there is a traditional konoba tavern called Porto Rosso. Yet, we opted to have lunch in a spot called Bacvara, located in a small alley following a relatively steep stairway.

The interior was refreshing in terms of temperature, which was precisely what we needed after spending a forenoon beneath Adriatic Sun. We had several orders of octopus salad, some freshly caught fishes and shrimps grilled on a skewer or being served with risotto. Some in my company were dedicated meat-lovers so they decided to try home-made sausages.

As an appetizer we ate fish soup which was perfect in every possible way. It arrived with rice cooked al dente and was everything you would possibly hope from such dish. I had the same impression of octopus salad. The pricing range was acceptable, with no surprises on bill paper.  I must add that served bread was also home-made.


I used to consider Brac to be my favorite Croatian island.  In recent years however, I’m keen to say that I love it equally as I do Vis. Our trip through Adriatic Coast couldn’t pass without visiting the romantic settlement of Komiza.  There you can find a dining spot called Fabrica, where they serve traditional viska pogaca oilcakes.

Yet, a part of Vis Island known as Kut hides a place that truly impressed me. It is a bistro called Lambik, situated in an old summer residence of Croatian poet Petar Hektorovic. It features a lot of natural shade and has cold, stone-paved walls in the interior that makes it really charming place to be. We went there in the evening, a time of day when they serve solely pizzas and cocktails.

My friend recommended that I try pizza with shrimp. I couldn’t wait for my meal to arrive, so I came closer to kitchen area and did some good-hearted spying of what was going on behind the counter.  The pizza expert (or pizzaiolo as they are called) was prepping the dish with fresh ingredients and was very skilful while spreading the dough. He baked the food in large oven that had natural flame. You can only imagine how good the final result tasted like when it arrived on our table. The price of this pizza was a little less than 10 Euros, but the portion was sufficient to feed two hungry guests.


The third island that deserves foodie attention is Brac. What we had there wasn’t a meal but a kind of spiritual experience. The restaurant called Terasa Ciccio is a place where roasted lamb smells likes flowers in the peak spring, and its soft meat reminds of slightly melted butter. One portion of this meal costs 90 HRK / 12 €, but comes in quantity that can easily satisfy a couple.  As a side dish, I recommend you order a simple seasonal salad and a round of onions.

We enjoyed the hospitality of Ciccio several times during our stay in Brac. In addition to aforementioned roasted lamb, they also have exquisite home-made jams that they use as stuffing for pancakes. My favorite one was made of grapes and figs. Immediately next to terrace, you have access to a small yet very attractive beach. This allows you to have a quick splash while you wait for your order to arrive.

These were three spots for great meal on Croatian Islands. Our average payment in these localities never exceeded 150 HRK / 20 € per person, with drinks included and without scrupulous price checking before making an order. Be inspired to visit these dining spots during your own sail through Adriatic coast and don’t hesitate to share your own impressions with Croatia Times.

Photos in this article are courtesy of Anita Saric / Dobra Hrana.