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Croatia is well-known for its lovely beach localities, but their popularity is drawing attention from some other unique features of the country. We are bringing you a short list of things to experience in Licko-Senjska County, a part of Croatia located in the very center of its renowned coast. Combining naval destinations with beautiful mountain sceneries, it is a region which serves as a desirable vacation locality throughout the entire year. And you can learn about it even more with help of our digital assistant, Croatia by Car.

Berislava Picek / CROPIX

The Mills of Sinac

River Gacka has been of high value to county residents in 20th century, as it hosted a number of water mills on its banks. Despite their age, several of them are still operational in the settlement of Sinac, crushing the grains in order to produce the healthy, organic flour. They can be visited, serving as a sort of interesting local museum of past times.

Bernard Covic / Cropix

The Bears of Kuterevo

In the heights of Velebit, one can find a small village called Kuterevo. It is not only a charming hamlet, but a home to numerous Lika bears, which live in the local protected haven. Most of its residents are, unfortunately, orphaned animals. Yet, a large number of volunteers and faunal experts take good care of them, and educate visitors about these lovely mammal species. Kuterevo is open for visits in all seasons but winter, as bears are enjoying their long sleep during those cold months.

Tea Cimas / CROPIX

The Caverns of Grabovaca

In the vicinity of Perusic, one can find a mountain of Grabovaca. At first sight, it is just a common ground elevation, yet deep in its interior, a unique underground realm has been formed. Grabovaca has numerous caverns and grottos, some of which have been proclaimed the national monuments of nature. The largest is called Samograd (the literal translation would be “The One Which Builds Itself”), featuring 240 meters of length. It has four large halls, and thanks to stairs and walking paths, it is suitable for visit.

These were just three things to experience in Licko-Senjska County. Discover many more with help of our Croatia by Car app.

Feature Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / CROPIX