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Did you know that Croatia has its very own underwater museum of religious statues? It has been made below the surface of Adriatic Sea in vicinity of Trogir Town– more precisely, beneath the waves of Jelinak Cove. A couple of days ago, the last statue has been installed on the sea bottom, depicting Jesus Christ spreading his hands upon resurrection. The Underwater Sculpture of Jesus is the 53rd statue in Jelinak and a part of permanent religious exhibition that features Stations of the Cross. It is a traditional Catholic presentation of Christ’s final moments and their outcome through fourteen images, which are commonly used in religious life.

The Underwater Sculpture of Jesus

The Underwater Sculpture of Jesus is the work of manager Josko Kandija and artist Valentino Valent. It is eight meters high and weighting about ten tons. Of course, these dimensions made its transportation quite difficult, not to mention the installment on the bottom of sea. However, thanks to scuba divers of Blue Nautica Club, the work of art has reached its destination.

Check out how the installment looked like in our image gallery below, and consider visiting this underwater exhibition during your stay in Trogir. Even if you are not religious, it could be a real treat.

Photo: Bozidar Vukicevic / Hanza Media