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Every summer season, beaches of Croatia become among the most desirable destinations in the world. It is easy to relax next to pristine sea under the colorful parasol, especially if in entertaining company or next to an interesting book. But conventional wisdom states that even during such coastal visits, one should take care of his or her health. Here are several medical tips for beach time in Croatia and how you can invest in your own sense of wellbeing during summer holidays.

Always Carry Water and Sun Cream

If you are frequent beach goer, you already know the drill. You should always keep your skin protected with high-factor sun cream, carry a hat and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Of course, ocular shaders are also a must as is the bottle with water. The latter should definitely be carried if you are visiting a remote beach, with no store to buy it. A lot of lifeguard interventions are usually associated with dehydration of bathers, so take this tip seriously.

Take Care of Heartburns and Stomachache

Summer vacation usually comes with increased calorie intake, as it is difficult to hold firm diet next to extraordinary delicacies. Coupled with alcohol and soft drinks, such dining phase may lead to heartburn or stomachache. And you certainly don’t need these in the water. In addition to wide range of available medicine, experts suggest consummation of liquorice or chewing a sugar-free bubble gum. Another trick is to drink a glass of water mixed with half teaspoon of baking soda. Drinking aloe-vera juice is also useful, but be reminded that larger quantities have laxative effect.

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Deal with Water in Ear

You can’t expect water not to enter your ears as you snorkel through Adriatic waves. But as soon as you exit the sea, your hearing organs should be free of watery pressure. In case that water doesn’t leave your ears, gently tilt your head towards your shoulder until it does. You may also touch your ear with warm palm of the hand for 30 seconds. Repeat both procedures until the ears are water-free.

In case of acute situation, mixing some medical alcohol with vinegar may help. Insert a very small quantity of these compounds in your ear with sterilized dropper.  Alcohol will evaporate the water, while vinegar will chase off nasty bacteria.

Treat the Sunburns

No list of medical tips for beach would omit sunburns. In case of obtaining these, don’t wash them with soap or showering gels. Instead, put some ice in a clean cloth and apply directly to problematic area. You may also add a cup of white alcohol vinegar to your bath to relieve the pain and lower the inflammation.

People of Dalmatia have their own ways of dealing with these nasty sun-inflicted injuries. One of them is to cool down cabbage of salad leafs in the fridge and use them as a sort of natural bandage. These will really work, as well as oil called ‘kantarionovo ulje’ made from herb known as Saint John’s Wort in the West.

Relief from Stings

When it comes to itching during summer time, one can bet it derives from the usual buzzing suspects. Despite all the modern technologies and applications, mosquitoes will surely deliver a few bites during your vacation. Cooling down the spot of bite is the best solution, but you may also pressure the inner side of banana skin on the problematic area. Applying basil oil or cooled tea bags is also an effective mean of aid.

 Make Your Own Medipack

A small container of medical assets should always find a place in your beach bag. It won’t take much space and you will be happy to have it in case of need. On average, such medipack should contain the following equipment:

-a package of sticking plasters and bandages

-disinfection means (wipes, gels or sprays)

-painkillers and tablets against movement sickness

-tweezers and small nail scissors

-a package of eye drops

-insect repellants

If you are not carrying wallet on the beach, it is advisable to have a visible piece of paper in your belongings that states your name, staying place, contacts, blood type and personal health specifics. In case of more serious matter, this information may aid people who are trying to help you.

This was our list of medical tips for beach. Hopefully, it didn’t make you worried. After all, beaches are places of leisure and relaxation and incidents are quite rare. Preparing for them may in fact add to your sense of security and feeling of wellbeing.

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