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Artist Zoran Tadic has travelled the world, only to return to his native Island of Hvar and open a small atelier in Town of Stari Grad. This passionate individual is very dedicated to craft of making sculptures from various natural and organic materials. He exceeds in forming weird, out-of-this-world figurines of imaginary beings that are both funny and eerie at the same time.

“Science fiction and animal documentaries have always encouraged my imagination and serve as a permanent source of my artistic expressions,” Zoran Tadic wrote on his website. “I take long walks along Dalmatian coast, collecting raw materials for my sculptures. These include pebbles, bones, roots, fur and many other items one can find in nature.”  The artist works solely with this kind of materials and doesn’t include any sort of synthetics.

In addition to figurines, Zoran Tadic also makes jewelry in similar style. This attracted a lot of Stari Grad tourists that even established a permanent contact with the artist. “Some people even send me interesting materials from their own country, so that I make something unique.”

Exhibits from Zoran’s fascinating world can be obtained in Fantazm Gallery, which is located in Ivana Gundulica Street 6 (Stari Grad, Island Hvar). You may also leave him a message at or just visit his official website. If we even have to note, his native island is one of the most popular places in Croatia and known to provide hospitality to a number of famous celebrities.

Our reporters have recently visited Zoran Tadic, and he displayed a selection of his favorite phantasms. Check them out in our image gallery below, and think about acquiring them during your stay in Croatia. They might be a perfect souvenir or a gift to a person that likes fantasy.

Photo: Tom Dubravec / Hanza Media