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No matter where your Croatian travels take you, chances are that you will find a lavender product. The plant blooms abundantly in the country, especially in the coastal region where the climate is more convenient for its growth. In case you didn’t know, lavender fields are beautiful to almost mystical level and having a walk through them is like exploring a new world.

Srecko Niketic / CROPIX

Common products of lavender include small bags with nice smell. Putting it into the closet will refresh your clothes and keep away the nasty insects. You may also opt to make a lavender bath or apply its oil on your skin. In case of burns, this liquid is among the best way to treat the injury. Finally, the plant is sometimes used in kitchen where it goes well with cakes, juices and mugs of hot chocolate.

Tom Dubravec / CROPIX

Finally, small packages of lavender can be a great souvenir from Croatia. Consider buying them during your visit, especially if you are staying on Dalmatian Islands such as Rab or Hvar.

Photo: Goran Novotny / CROPIX