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If you find yourself in Rijeka, and have a desire for some fine tea, look no further than Samovar teahouse in Užanska 14 Street. Not just a charming spot to have a cup, it is literally a small museum celebrating the city’s past and the lifestyle of its residents. In addition to exhibited old craft items, the teahouse interior has a lot of old portraits on the walls, and furniture from 19th century.

The teahouse is an intimate, small area. Inside, it can host up to 20 guests, but thanks to an outdoor terrace, that number can reach up to 60 visitors. The bar’s counter is truly a work of art, as the local carpenter constructed it from wardrobes and small chairs.


Samovar is illuminated with a neo-Baroque wooden chandelier and an old movie-set reflector, adding to the charm. Sofas and chairs are also antique, surrounded with large mirrors. The central point of the teahouse is a large chest.  Jasmina Serifovic, one of the persons behind the tea house, explained its origins to LC source. “A certain citizen of Rijeka moved to Vancouver between two wars, and inscribed the address on this chest to send it over the ocean.”

As a brand, Samovar is not unknown to citizens of Rijeka. It is a renowned brand for tea import, and the teahouse is just one of their sites in the city. In addition to it, they also have a number of tea shops, where one can buy over 150 kinds of this potable. Naturally, not all of them are from Croatia, but include those from China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Korea, Brazil and Africa.


In past, Rijeka served as a main port of oriental imports to Austro-Hungarian Empire, tea being one of the prime goods. It is nice to know the tradition is still present in the city, and everyone can enjoy it.

Check out the looks of Samovar Teahouse in the gallery below:

Photo: Damir Zunic / CROPIX


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