Feature Photo : Srecko Niketic / CROPIX

The Istrian family Benvenuti is not unknown on the Croatian wine scene. Originating from Kaldir settlement, in the vicinity of renowned Motovun Town in Istria, they managed to for form a recognizable brand in the last decade and a half. Winners of many awards and acknowledgements, Benvenuti is gaining even more momentum on the global level. According to insider information from London, their vinery has won a golden prize at International Wine Challenge festivity, as well as Platinum recognition of Decanter Magazine.

The first award was given to their Malvazija Anno Domini 2015 wine, while the former was given to Benvenuti Teran 2013. Last year, IWC has also provided their Muscat San Salvatore with a trophy. Let’s check these grape products of Croatia.


Benvenuti Malvazija Anno Domini 2015

Made from the vineyard of Turkovo locality, this wine was maturing for an entire year in the large oak tree barrels. Rich in taste and vivid elegance, Anno Domini provides the drinker with both sweet and salty layers of aroma. The average price for this wine is 20 € per bottle.


Benvenuti Teran 2013

High in Istrian landscapes, one can find Spanjola vineyard, which provided grapes for this Benvenuti blend. It took a lot of mastery to tame the strong tastes of the wine, but the family managed to do so, providing the scene with excellent nectar. You can enjoy it for approximately 20 € per bottle in Croatia.


Benvenuti Muskat San Salvatore

The procedure of making this wine is rather specific. The grapes, coming from Istrian San Salvatore locality, are dried on the hay for about three months. Then a fermentation process occurs, which takes about eight additional months. The final result is a sweet but balanced wine, which is easy to drink and pleasure to enjoy.  The price per bottle is about 30 €.

Croatia is a renowned wine destination, so feel free to explore its offer during your vacation on gentle Adriatic shores.