The Adriatic Times Sinke

For the last 25 years, ExOfficio brand has encouraged people to travel the world, looking classy along the way. The premium clothes maker excels in garments that allow unhindered movement and lightweight feeling, and became widely popular thanks to their Give-N-Go underwear collection.

Such unique fashion company demands quality advertising, and their upcoming catalogue will include images taken in Croatia. Thus, ExOfficio models and photographers arrived to gentle shores of Adriatic, in the vicinity of Zadar. One can be assured that the material they produced will underline the Mediterranean vibe of Croatian coast, and promote the brand in the right way.

Members of ExOfficio team were greeted by local Tourist Association, which hopes that photo-session will contribute to Zadar’s increasing buzz as a summer destination. The shooting took place in Paklenica National Park, Canyons of Zrmanja and Krupa Rivers, the outdoors of Dugi Otok Island and several other sites of Zadar archipelago.

The catalogue, scheduled to promote the brand’s collection for spring 2018, will surely get a lot of attention. Blending nice clothes with gorgeous Croatian sceneries should also be your approach during vacation- and ExOfficio is always ready to take care of the former.