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The annual donkey race of Tribunj is quite popular event in Dalmatia. Yet, the organizers still find ways to make it original and attractive each year. During the latest edition, a special category was formed for the female riders of donkey participants. Thus, several notable Dalmatian girls took part into adrenaline-filled experience on Tribunj’s main coastal promenade.

The speed was not as intense as in horse racing, but the charming animals and excited riding ladies were enough for a pleasant evening full of laughter. Donkeys were very important to Dalmatian people in the past, providing them with means of transport and serving on agricultural fields. Their bond with local human population is cherished with events such as Tribunj races, as people learn about the animals and become aware of their value to community.

Niksa Stipanicev / CROPIX

As for Tribunj, it existed as early as mid 15th century, as proven by historical documents and ramparts of old defensive walls. Historians believe that settlement existed even before, and that it was a locality of ritual sacrifices to pagan Croatian gods. In old Slavic language, Tribunj literally means ‘The sacrificing place”. You can find it in the immediate vicinity of Vodice, a very popular tourist destination on Adriatic Coast.

Check out the fastest donkeys and most capable lady riders in our image gallery below.

Photos by: Niksa Stipanicev / CROPIX