The Adriatic Times Sinke

If you will follow the tip from the title, do so when the sun is not at its peak heat. Otherwise, you’ll end up with some nasty burns, and uneven tan. Jokes aside, the late summer means that crowds of tourists are slowly leaving Croatian coastline, prepping for the more freshly periods coming just around the corner.

However, don’t think that this Mediterranean country has only fancy beach localities to offer. Many great things are available during fall and winter, as every reader of Croatia Times knows well.  So there is no rest for Croatian tourist workers. A slight pause will do, maybe even on a large pile of plastic chairs waiting on the beach to be picked up.  The picture above was taken by our photo-reporter Duje Klaric on the Beach of Bacvice. From what is known, the tired sleeper was enjoying Ultra Europe Festival the night before.

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Photo: Duje Klaric / CROPIX