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Searching where to spend your summer vacation in Croatia? You are wholeheartedly invited to Bozava, a wonderful fisherman village on the northeast shore of Dugi Otok Island. As picture is worth a million words, and footage a million pictures, take a view of the settlement’s naval outdoors- provided to you by Slovenian experts of DemoTeam.

The settlement is surrounded with pristine waters, while secluded nature of Dugi Otok can provide you with top vacation time. Bozava accommodates its visitors in a complex of four cozy hotel resorts, but those who came with their own vessel are able to harbor it to a local berth. Of course, the ships can acquire supplies of drinking water and electricity powers.

Dugi Otok’s name literally means ‘Long Island’ in Croatian, and was given to destination due to its longish shape. A very notable locality is globally known for its Sakarun beach, Pantera Bay, Veli Rat lighthouse and Telascica Nature Park.

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