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On the slopes of Biokovo Mountain in Croatia’s Dalmatia region, one can find a tiny settlement called Bast. The historical documents link its existence to as early as 1434, but the name suggests even older origin. As a matter of fact, it is possible that the site was populated even during times of Antiquity.

Today, Bast numbers 136 inhabitants. Just this fact is enough for many to show interest in staying at this place during vacation time.  Add a number of old churches and charming natural landscapes that surrounds it, and you may want to schedule your arrival right away.

If that being the case, a lovely Dalmatian house owned by pair from neighboring Makarska could be a perfect kind of accommodation. Originally built in 17th century, the small estate has been gradually renovated in recent years.  The entire home has 50 square meters of interior and 30 in the outdoors, which include a porch and a terrace. A small alley called kala leads to this residence, narrow to the point that only a donkey carrying supplies could reach it in the distant past.

“We wanted our Bast Home to be as original as possible. The biggest challenge was to add large pieces of furniture in relatively small space,” the happy owners explained. “A lot of shelves and kitchen cabinets have been custom-made by us alone. “

The owners note that they are still not over with decorating their Bast home-away-from-home. There is a chance they may decide to rent it in the future. Keep an eye on Baska Voda Tourism Website that manages Bast in this regard and organize your stay in this beautiful part of Croatia.

Take a tour through this attractive estate by clicking our image gallery below. Let it serve as an invitation to beautiful sceneries of Dalmatia.

Photo: Ante Cizmic / CROPIX