The Adriatic Times Sinke

Croatia has a lot of attractive beaches. Some of them are widely known, such as the magnificent Zlatni rat on Brac Island that changes shape depending on winds and waves. Yet, there are many secluded sites of the same kind, some isolated to such extent that they don’t even have an official name. For those who detest crowds, such spots on Adriatic coast are a guarantee of vacation well spent.  Everything what some people need is a lovely beach that doesn’t have a lot of bathers.

One such slightly secluded location was discovered by our reader and frequent media contributor Otto Hargita. The photo above shows what delights can come after discovering a remote beach in Croatia. Memories and experiences gained at such localities will stay in your mind long after summertime passes on calendar.

To spare it from crowds, we shouldn’t talk about exact locality of these place. But let’s say it is in immediate vicinity of lovely Town of Senj whose residents are very experienced in tourism and will gladly have you as their guests. Follow Otto’s example and make your own photos of Senj enjoyments or lovely beach sites. Send these to our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to become featured photo artist of the day on our site.

Photo: Otto Hargita