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Setting of the sun is wonderful everywhere, but those moments  in Dalmatia seem to have a touch of unique beauty. The recent sunset of Brac was caught on camera by our reporter Ivo Ravlic. The magnificent colors have embraced the gently shores of Dalmatia, providing local strollers with perfect backdrop for their favorite activity.

As its very name suggests, the channel is located between the Croatian mainland and Island of Brac, known to be one of the sunniest spots in Adriatic region. Brac is also rich in stone, which was used for construction of Emperor Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the lobby of United Nations building and possibly the White House  in United States.


From the coastal side, the channel faces the aforementioned heart of Dalmatia region called Split, the former pirate haven of Omis and the lovely settlement of Makarska, in which the photos in this article were taken.

Considered to be one of the safest locations in Croatia, Makarska attracts visitors with its charming beaches and slopes of Biokovo mountain, which are full of nice natural sceneries. Relatively small in size when compared to some other urban settlements in Croatia, Makarska has numerous musems, monumnets, old churches and points of historical interest. It also has its  very own botanical garden and a scientific observatory.


The sunset of Brac Channel is also a reason to visit Dalmatia, as its romantic vibe will certainly add to your relaxation and inner peace. Even in days of post-tourist season, the moments when the sun slowly descends into the sea stay to impress and inspire.

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