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Do you realize that in four months time, we will all be singing Christmas carols and possibly enjoy snowy entertainment? The time really flies, but not if you are visiting Bacvice beach, situated on Split shores. Judging from the images in the gallery below, we are in the peak of July, and summer won’t be leaving Croatia for some time.

Bacvice Beach (5)

Visitors of this Dalmatian site can even indulge in catching tan, as the sunrays are quite abundant, allowing the sunbathers to lie on Bacvice Beach and thrill in the scenery. The temperatures are also high, so swimming in the Adriatic is a perfect way of refreshing oneself.

Despite the fact that we are counting September days on the calendar, tourists are not exiting Croatia in large numbers. Thanks to friendly weather and numerous post-season price cuts, one can still have a great coastal vacation in one of Europe’s most demanded destinations.

Bacvice Beach (7)

Check out the vibes of Bacvice Beach in the gallery below, authored by our photographer Paun Paunovic.



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